Approximate recipe for the homemade salsa I made yesterday…

Saute 1/4 of a big sweet yellow onion, a bit of garlic and some italian herb mix in olive oil until the onions start to carmelize. Then slowly add maybe 8 or 10 Hatch Green Chiles (cut up …into small chunks, with the seeds and inner flesh removed). Continue to saute the mix for a good while until the peppers start to soften and slightly change color.

Then cut 5 or 6 big homegrown tomatoes (I used some I got from a a guy selling out of the back of his pickup truck last week in Tennessee… gorgeous deep red tomatoes) into small chunks. If you want to be fancy remove the peels but I’m not fancy so I didn’t do that. Continue to saute the mixture. Then throw in maybe 2 tablespoons or so of balsamic vinegar, and the juice of a lime (at first this seems to be too much, but after the second or third day the limeyness settles down). I also added a chopped up jalepeno for extra heat but I won’t next time. The hatch chiles were plenty hot enough.

Continue to simmer the mixture on the stove top for a good while. After that let it cool down for a bit and then spoon into containers. I put some aside for fresh use but the rest I froze.

Changes for next time — I’ll skip the jalepeno and I’ll roast the hatch chiles first. I think I’ll also add some cilantro to the mix. And either use a food processor or chop everything up smaller. I like the salsa being chunky but it was a bit too chunky for my taste.