As you can imagine, imprisoned war resister Travis Bishop is pretty discouraged that it is almost Christmas and he is still in prison for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. I get to talk to him fairly often on the phone but he is definitely discouraged. More than anything, Travis just wants to go home. The conditions and continual harassment at the Fort Lewis Brig have really worn him down, and it is really hard for him to keep his spirits up.

So, in our phone calls we’ve been brainstorming on if there is any other way we can lobby for Travis’ release from prison (the formal 1105 clemency application will likely not be heard for another month), and I think we’ve come to an idea that is worth doing.

We are asking that supporters of Travis send a Christmas card to Fort Hood Commander, Lt. General Robert W. Cone. (if anyone wrote the CG earlier as part of the Amnesty International letter drive, there has been a change in general since then)

In the card, please express your holiday greetings and then ask Lt. General Cone to release Travis Bishop from confinement. Please keep the notes on the card polite and preferably short. If you are a religious person, please feel free to remind the General that the Christmas holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and that Travis in prison for following the teachings of Jesus.

Please send your cards to:

Lt. General Robert W. Cone
Commanding General
III Corps HQ
1001 761st Tank Battalion Ave.
Bldg. 1001, Room W105
Fort Hood, TX 76544-5005

After you do that, please send a Christmas card or letter to Travis. His address is:

David Travis Bishop
Box 339536
Fort Lewis, WA 98433

Note that the Army will likely reject your first letter, and maybe your second also. Please keep trying to send Travis mail as he really wants to hear from you. When your letter is rejected, sometimes Travis gets to see the envelope. If so, he is then able to add your name to his approved correspondence list.

Thanks & Happy Holidays!