During law school, I needed music like plants need rain. Music kept me sane and reminded me of what was important.

The problem I was awfully broke during law school and way too paranoid to do much illegal music downloading. So, instead I sometimes went to the downtown Oklahoma City Public library to listen to CD’s and check out the ones that spoke to me.

It was there that I discovered the sweet folk-American music of Dave Carter & Tracey Grammer.

The duo had a sweet, sweet sound but better yet had songs about Oklahoma. Songs like “Tillman County,” “The Power and Glory” and “Ordinary Town” just rung true to me, with the feeling of both understanding and love for this place. (these songs were all on their album Drum, Hat, Buddha (it was that quirky name that made me pick up the album in the first place)

So I looked them up online. I found out that Dave grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and was an alum of OU, and Tracey from California originally. But then I read a little more and discovered that Dave actually passed away from a sudden attack in 2002, but that Tracey Grammer had continued to sing his songs and to sing new songs.

I’ve since listened to their music many times over the succeeding years. It’s been some of my favorite music to turn to in times of both sorrow and joy.

I haven’t yet had a chance to check Tracey’s solo work, but I will soon. But in the meantime, let me share this video of the duo of the band singing one of my favorite of their songs, “Gentle Arms of Eden”: