WARNING: This post is a shameless post to make you feel guilty and hopefully cough up some bucks for a good cause.

My birthday is coming up on June 5th. I know it is customary to give gifts, but I got plenty of stuff. So I’m asking my friends to instead consider making a donation to a project that is dear to my heart, the Oklahoma GI Rights Hotline project of OCC (Oklahoma Center for Conscience).

Why is the OK GI Rights hotline and OCC worth supporting?

1. The Oklahoma National Guard is facing a record deployment of over 3,400 troops to Afghanistan next year (the largest deployment of the 45th since the Korean war). Many of those soldiers will not want to deploy, and they will depend on the GI Rights Hotline for help.

2. OCC has a proven track record of doing good work on very little money. Our current budget is less than $10,000 per year, yet we are able to do some incredible work.

3. OCC is one of the only a few local groups who educate young people about the importance of conscience and the role of conscientious objectors in society. We also carry this mission into our GI Rights work, where we help soldiers who are struggling with issues of conscience, to find out for themselves what they truly believed about war.

4. Helping soldiers to be free of the military is a concrete way to work for peace.

5. OCC helps me to do my work. Without the housing stipend that OCC pays me, I would not be able to take many of the resister cases I currently am able to take.

I’m setting a goal of raising $250 between now and the end of June. Please consider making a generous donation now. All donations are tax-deductible (OCC’s fiscal sponsor is Joy Mennonite Church).

You can donate now at: http://centerforconscience.org/donations/. You can also donate by sending a check or money order to:

Oklahoma Center for Conscience
c/o Joy Mennonite Church
504 NE 16th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104


P.S. Shoot me an email and let me know your made your donation so I can track it against the fundraising goal.

P.S.2 – I am having a BBQ for friends and family for my birthday. If you would like to come, shoot me an email and send you the details.