I live in Northeast Oklahoma City (outside of Ward 2), but I wanted to write a short blog post to encourage all voters in Ward 2 to vote for Ed Shadid in Tuesday’s run-off election. I truly believe that this is one of the most important elections in recent history in OKC.

Here are the reasons I support Ed:

1. Ed Shadid is committed to full transparency and accountability in government, especially with the use of the millions of dollars in MAPS 3 funds. Unlike Charlie Swinton, he is not planning to disregard the decision of the people to upgrade and enhance mass transit as part of MAPS 3.

2. Ed Shadid’s campaign is honestly and openly financed, without the use of PAC money or sleazy 527 funds like what Charlie Swinton is running.

3. Ed Shadid is not using creepy and deceptive “push polls” like Charlie Swinton has been doing.

4. Ed Shadid is open about his political beliefs. He is a Green Party member but did not seek the endorsement of the party in this race, because the race is non-partisan. Charlie Swinton on the other hand proudly tells Democrats that he is “the real democrat in the race,” while he tells conservatives that he is “real conservative in the race.”

5. Ed Shadid is running an issue-based campaign. Charlie Swinton is running a smear campaign, which includes the use of ridiculous mailers, which focus on the Green Party national platform, rather than Ed’s own views. (see this example from the Swinton campaign) In contrast, Ed’s campaign has focused on LOCAL issues, because he is running for LOCAL office.

6. Charlie Swinton has been funded ($400,000 so far) by the creepy Committee For Oklahoma City Momentum, a pro-corporate lobby group that refuses to reveal the source of its funds. Ed Shadid’s campaign is funded 100% by donations that are fully reported. (see OKGazette.com story)

7. Charlie Swinton is trashing unions in his campaign. (see this mailer from the Swinton campaign. Ed has been endorsed by unions and stands with them.

8. On a more personal note, I believe that Ed Shadid is a good and sincere man. I worked with his state house campaign in the fall of 2010 and saw him jump in head first into the difficult life of political activism because of he wanted to make a real difference. It would have been far easier to stay out of the fray, but instead he stood up for what he believed in.

9. On another more personal note, Ed Shadid is willing to hear out different points of view, but also will stand strong for what he believes. I haven’t always agreed with him on every issue, but when I’ve shared my views with Ed he listens to me. He hears me out, but he also doesn’t give me the normal politician B.S. line either. He is willing to tell me and other voters difficult truths as he see them. That’s a rare thing in politics these days.

10. Ed Shadid’s campaign is based on a hopeful vision of what OKC could be. Charlie Swinton’s campaign is based on fear and paranoia.

So please, please get out and Vote Ed Shadid

P.S. If I haven’t convinced you, please check out these two local blogs that also support Ed Shadid: