In a few hours I will be turning 39, which happens to also be the same day as my parent’s 40th anniversary (yes, I was born on their first anniversary).

This year I’m a little bummed out because I’m likely going to be stuck at home recovering from a stomach bug but I’m also feeling good about this birthday as it comes in the midst of major changes going on in my life… I am reorganizing my professional and educational life and focusing more on my family life and on my relationship with my wife. These changes are a work in progress and sometimes are difficult but these days is feeling easier and easier.

Two parts of my life right now are especially filled with joy. The first is my experience of being a dad. The last few weeks have been a really a powerful time of growing closer to my step-son, and I’m very excited about all of the adventures he and I will be doing this summer.

The second especially joyful part has been my experience of more fully embracing bicycling as a lifestyle. My BikeforConscience bike tour is off to a good start (59 miles down, 208 to go) and I think I’m seeing more and more every day both how important bicycling is to me, but also how much making it a priority is improving my life.

Life is really good right now. I know I sometimes dwell too much on the negative but this is a day in which I want to celebrate the good stuff.

On a related note, for any friends or family who are thinking about giving me a gift for my birthday, one easy option is to make a donation for the Bike Tour. The first $400 raised will go to pay my expenses for the rest of my riding all of Route 66 in Oklahoma this year, with the rest going to support the important work of the Center for Conscience in Action.

To find out more about this campaign, please go to or click on the GoFundMe button below…