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My long-time friends will likely laugh to see that I’m starting yet another blog! But I think I have a good reason for it, as I’ll explain.

I have written personal websites for myself since 1995 and started an online journal (before blogs were commonly called blogs) back in 1999 after being inspired to start one thanks to a NY Times article on the blog lemonyellow by Heather Anne Halbert (also see this story about her 2009 return to the twitterverse), followed by a more consistent blog presence starting in 2001.

Over the years my blog has been an odd mishmash of stuff. Lots of political/activist ranting with a steady input of quirky input of my nerdy interests and of course a lot of TMI-style personal expressions of my emotional state, and also just a bunch of random links I didn’t want to forget.

After social media took off (especially facebook), I blogged less. I appreciated the privacy of facebook (where I could selectively choose who could read my stuff) and of course the immediacy of it, but I can now see that I miss the blog.

The problem is that the blog has a lot of baggage… a huge amount of baggage. I have rightly spent a lot of my e-ink on denouncing the evils of the world around me, but I lost sight of the things that bring me joy. So, since getting married (NYE of 2011), I’ve blogged less and less. I still do a lot of activism and blog about it sometimes, but don’t have enough space/time to explore my creative/nerdy/joyful interests.

So… I’m going to split the difference. I’m going to write my new blog posts here at (for no good reason really, I just like the domain name. Very lucky to get a domain name with a total of five characters!) but then as time permits cross-post them on my old blog (  for the sake of my historical archive.

As far as the stuff I’m thinking about writing about, here’s my starting list..

  1. Written/visual accounts of events I go to, especially minor league baseball games and concerts.
  2. Photos
  3. Art of my own creation
  4. Accounts of what I’m listening to on Shortwave Radio and discussion of my work on getting licensed as a Ham Radio (Amateur Radio) operator.
  5. Stamp collecting
  6. Baseball card collecting
  7. Scanning an old set of encyclopedias (copyright 1896) that I got from my late grandfather, with discussion.
  8. Gardening updates
  9. Bicycling updates
  10. Recipes
  11. My explorations of my own quirks, especially my growing understanding of myself as an Aspergistic/Autistic person.

As for politics and activism, I probably will save that for I can’t avoid writing about those topics (to begin with the state of Oklahoma is going to execute an innocent person next week), but I do need this space to be for other stuff, mostly for the sake of my own mental health and happiness.

I’m going to shoot to post every day, or at least maybe 5 days a week, so stay tuned. New posts will go up here right away but won’t get cross-posted at until later so look for new posts here.