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May 2021

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This is part of my ongoing series of blog posts, reporting on what is going on with the Oklahoma Objector Community’s Community Garden plot (with all produce being grown either being given to folks in need, or sold and the funds used to help folks in need).

A lot has been happening in the garden since our last report.

Photograph of myself and Lisa at Tomato Man's Daughter Heirloom Plant Nursery

On Saturday, I drove up to Jenks (in the Tulsa metro area) to my old friends at the Tomato Man’s Daughter to buy some excellent heirloom tomato, pepper plants plus some herb, flowers, etc. Some of the varieties I bought, that I’m most excited about include:

Today (Sunday), I picked up a few more plants (just flowers) while out with my family in OKC. Later in the day I set up the strings for the square foot grid for bed B and then started some planting.

Here is a picture of the end result: Square Foot Garden

Since I still have some squares to plant, I won’t share the list of what is planted in what square yet.